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As a new agent, I was quickly frustrated by all the “things” out there. Try this tactic, execute this strategy, do that thing.

Maybe you’re frustrated, too. Maybe this whole "real estate thing" wasn't what you thought it would be.

You dreamed of freedom, success, and a career you love.

I get it. You're frustrated... you're tired.

Over the past 15+ years, I've coached hundreds of agents just like you. I'd love to help you remove frustration, build your business, and rise above the competition.

The Agent Rise coaching program gives you a clear plan to build a successful career in real estate… without all the gimmicks.

So now it's decision time. Are you going to continue riding the sales roller coaster? Will you continue to be frustrated with your career? Or will you finally invest in yourself and your business with a proven program that will help you have real estate success?

Since you kept reading, I'm going to assume it's the latter. Good for you. We offer two coaching options for agents: 1) group coaching for $195/mo or 2) one-on-one coaching for $595 per month. Scroll down to see what's included with each option.

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I want to make sure this is a GREAT fit for you, though. If you're still asking, "will this help me?" I'd love to jump on a quick call with you and we can get a game plan together. Click here to schedule with me.

Here is what is included when you join:

1. FULL ACCESS to “Agent Rise Bootcamp”™

A six-week course to help you develop your plan. This is the heart of everything we teach compacted into one course. It’s the launchpad to your success. During the six weeks you’ll learn:

  • How to build a profitable business you love, without doing things you hate.
  • How to create a plan tailored to YOUR STRENGTHS and the exact steps to follow to build your plan.
  • How to generate and convert leads from people you actually want to work with.
  • The tools and systems to prevent the commission roller coaster.
  • What to do every single day to stay CONSISTENT with your plan.
  • How to create your plan to fit your desired lifestyle.
  • How to focus on what is driving your business, so you can avoid the shiny objects that lead your business to the dead end.
  • How to remove limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from breaking through.

2. One Hour Coaching Call

With the understanding that information alone won’t get you the results you’re looking for and assure you get started on the right foot, we’ll spend an hour together to discuss your strengths. Yes, you and me, on the phone for one hour! Prior to the call, you’ll complete an assessment. The assessment, along with the call, will kickstart your plan before you head into Agent Rise Bootcamp™. You’ll end the call with a renewed mind and a roadmap to how you’re going to breakthrough. The call will be structured, but you have an hour with me, so you can ask anything you want.

3. Weekly Live Coaching Session with Neil

Every Monday night Neil is LIVE in the group for a one-hour coaching. This is not more teaching, this is coaching. Tell you what to do and what not to do. No one call is the same. All sessions are recorded and replays are easily accessed in the group.

4. Agent Rise Buyer Consultation System™

When we meet with a buyer many of us struggle to follow an exact system to guarantee we educate our buyer, prepare them for the market, and set expectations for a smooth transaction. Struggle no more. The system we created starts with an email template that you can send to the buyer to get the process kicked off correctly. The email will include a Home Buyer Guide (a 43-page ebook, that is white labeled for your use), a “getting to know you” questionnaire, and confirmation of the time and place you’re meeting. Next, we provide you with the talking points for the meeting to make sure you cover the most important topics beyond what they have already learned from the Home Buyer Guide. Lastly, we include an additional questionnaire that is perfect for the actual appointment. Guaranteed to impress your new clients, let you sleep better at night knowing you covered it all, and help you close more successful transactions.

5. Agent Rise Listing System™

Just like the buyer consultation system, we have created the same for the listing process. Intro email template with a marketing packet, a “getting to know you” questionnaire, and quality questions that will help you win 99% of the appointments you attend. You’ll come to the meeting prepared, understanding the seller's expectations, and additional questions to ask to help you seal the deal.

6. Agent Rise Lead Generation and Conversion System™

Leads are what we all want, right? With this system we have you covered. No matter your budget, we’ll help you generate leads. More importantly, we show you exactly how to convert them, without feeling all “salesy”. It’s not a try-harder, call-more-often advise. Rather, it's all about giving the customer what they want and when you do; you will compel them to work with you, instead of having to convince you’re the right agent. Powerful stuff right here!

7. Agent Rise Business Tracking System™

We all want to eliminate the commission roller coaster, right? Well here is the system to help you do just that. To grow your business we need to track your business. We need a system to make sure no lead slips through the crack, and a system to assure the hottest leads get the most attention. This system will help you eliminate the commission roller coaster and so much more.

8. Agent Rise Buyer Servicing System™

You’ve wowed your buyer will the stellar Buyer Consultation System, now it’s time to provide world-class service to earn another raving fan that will refer you for years to come. This tool will give you the email template you need to explain the offer and the questions you need to answer to fill out the offer to their liking. You’ll love this process as it assures you that you covered it all, explained the offer in detail to set expectations, and helps eliminate any mistakes you could make. It doesn’t stop there. You’ll have access to a library of email templates and systems to serve the buyer up to the day they move into the house.

9. Agent Rise Seller Servicing System™

Similar to Agent Rise Buyer Servicing System™, we created one for servicing your clients who are selling. The only difference is instead of writing an offer email, we have a presenting an offer email. And like the buyer next step emails, we have them for the selling side of the transaction too.

10. You become a RISER (Priceless)

When you join, you officially become a RISER! It might not mean much to you now, but I can guarantee once you become a part of this group, it will mean a lot to you.

11. Progress Call With Neil every three months.

Like you have heard before, information alone won’t get you to where you want to go. You need coaching and accountability. For that reason, we have added a one-hour coaching session with me every three months. This is an addition to the time we’ll spend together in group session calls on Monday nights and one hour we’ll spend together when you first sign up.

Plus, I'm not done creating. I'm in the trenches with you. I'm always learning and adapting. With that, I'm always creating new and better ways to do things. Every time I learn something I want to teach it. It's a God-given talent, it's my superpower. So the list above is nowhere near completion, and will always be expanded upon.

11. Discount on Agent Rise Summit

When you become a member of Agent Rise, you will receive a discount on your tickets to the Agent Rise Summit in Madison WI on Oct 24th and 25th. If you attend, you'll receive a 25% discount!

Get started now!

Okay, so now you know what Agent Rise is all about, here are the steps you follow once you have signed up:

Step 1: Complete Assessment so I can help you discover YOUR POWERS. There will be a link on the next page after completing your order. Click on the right away, and complete the assessment. I'll need this for our call.

Step 2: Schedule One on One call with me to create your roadmap. Again, this will be you and me on the phone for one hour. We'll go over your assessment together, and I'll ask more questions. Throughout the process, we'll begin to establish your plan. The plan will then become more clear as you go through Agent Rise Bootcamp. I'll also introduce you to the Agent Rise Steps on the call. This will give you more and more clarity on how we'll build your business together.

Step 3: Join the Private Facebook Group! This will be a very easy step for you, but its a BIG moment for you. You officially become a RISER. I won't say anymore. 😉

Step 4: Attend Agent Rise Bootcamp - Now its time to get busy building your business. Agent Rise Bootcamp is built right into the group. There is a "Learning" tab inside the group. You'll click on that, and under the first unit, you'll find Agent Rise Bootcamp. There are six weeks of videos, with each one followed by an action plan. Let the fun begin!

Step 5: Attend Weekly Group Coaching Sessions - Every Monday Night 7pm (Central) I'm live inside the group. If you can join live that is great, otherwise, the replays are always available for you. Plus if you join live, you can get in on the LIVE Q&A.

Step 6: Access all systems, tools, programs, and implement as needed according to the Agent Rise Steps you’ll be following while building your business. All of this is located in the group under the "Learning" tab. It's a lot to take in, but I'll be with you every step of the way.

I really look forward to working with you!

Have a great day, and remember to be the reason someone smiles today! 😀


Disclaimer: There is nothing about this program that is a "get-rich-quick". Everything we teach takes time, energy, and skills. The people that see great results put in the work!

Get started now!